Last updated 6/13/2018

I just started a new company called Tuple! If you're a software developer you should definitely check it out.

Quitting the "day job" and doing my own thing has been the best thing ever for my mental and physical health. I'm able to work better hours to help with hand pain and oddly enough am way less stressed. Since we're building a lifestyle business and don't plan on raising money it's given us a lot of freedom to do things like yoga and rockclimb during the day.

Other notable events

  • Just moved from Cambridge to Somerville to be closer to the co-founders and hobbies I love (Rockclimbing/Woodworking). So far I'm really digging Somerville.
  • Got a rockclimbing membership at Brooklyn Boulders and am getting obsessed with the physical/mental challenge of climbing. Current problem I'm working is a 10c which requires some interesting leg maneuvers.
  • I recently remodelled a shed that my grandparents built 70 years ago. My father and I replaced the roof and I painted the outside barn red. You can see the before and after photo here.
  • Latest head bobber I've been obsessed with.