Hi, I'm Spencer.

And you don't know me... yet.

Business Spencer Dixon
Business Spencer
Coder Spencer Dixon
Coder Spencer
Winter Spencer Dixon
Winter Spencer

My name is Spencer (online everywhere as @SpencerCDixon). I'm a software developer, serial entrepreneur, and recovering coffee addict. I recently co-founded a new company called Tuple with a few of my friends. Tuple is a Screenhero replacement for the best pair programming experience possible.

Find out what I'm up to now, follow me on Twitter, and check out some of my open source projects on Github.

I've been building websites for 10+ years and started my first company Great Lakes Aquaponics when I was 15. As a full stack developer/entrepreneur I'm interested in just about every stage of the product life cycle.

If you're into personality tests I'm an INTJ (which explains so much). I favor CVI to Myers Briggs so if you're familiar with CVI I'm an Innovator/Builder.

What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to reach me is probably Twitter.

Why is your hair blonde but your beard red!?

No clue. I must be a mutant 😂

RFS's (Request for Spencers)

Want more photo versions of me? Weirdo. I've been thinking of adding "Rockclimbing Spencer" soon. Stay tuned.

Do you ever do speaking engagements?

I do! If you're looking for a speaker on React, Rails, Go, bootstrapping, or pair programming those are topics I love talking about. Reach out on tweeeeter.