Hi, I'm Spencer.

And you don't know me... yet.

Business Spencer Dixon
Business Spencer
Coder Spencer Dixon
Coder Spencer
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My name is Spencer (@SpencerCDixon). I'm an engineer at Wasabi helping to make hot cloud storage a commodity.

Find out what I'm up to now, connect with me on LinkedIn, and check out some of my open source projects.

I've been building websites for 10+ years and started my first company Great Lakes Aquaponics when I was 15. As a full stack developer/entrepreneur I'm interested in just about every stage of the product life cycle.

In the past I was a bootcamp instructor at Launch Academy where I taught eager students how to code with Ruby and Rails. After teaching, I joined a startup called Smart Scheduling (later known as Arsenal Health) which built predictive models to figure out when patients weren't going to show to their doctors appointments. Smart Scheduling was acquired by athenahealth in April, 2016.

If you're into personality tests I'm an INTJ (which explains so much). I favor CVI to Myers Briggs so if you're familiar with CVI I'm an Innovator/Builder.

You can reach me at spencercdixon@gmail.com. No recruiters please.